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We Are Now Using Zero Waste Shipping Bags!

At Deadly Sins Cosmetics, we want our makeup products to have the lowest impact on the environment as possible. Some ways that we do this is that we use couriers that are carbon neutral and use recyclable materials where ever we can.By not using any animal products in our range we reduce the resources needed in the manufacturing process, meaning there is even less of an environmental impact.

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An Update From Us

Hey Sinners, First of all, we would like to wish you all the best in these uncertain times. We're sending out good vibes to all of you and hope that everyone is staying safe. We just wanted to give you an update from us, Deadly Sins Cosmetics. We're continuing to send orders in a safe and clean environment, and have been ensured by our delivery partners that strict health measures are in place. With that out of the way, we also wanted to touch on how this has affected us as a small business.Although we are an online business, we rely on large events to help with networking and building customer relationships. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, all upcoming...

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Sea Shepherd Ocean Defence Tour Melbourne 2019

We had the pleasure of holding a stall at the Sea Shepherd Ocean Defence Tour 2019 in Melbourne. This was a great day for all with the fundraising going towards the Sea Shepherds efforts to protect marine life around the world.  Apart from the awesome music, there was also a lot of scrumptious vegan food. The highlight definitely being the bake sale they had with brownies, pies and heaps of different cakes.    Thank you to Sea Shepherd for having us at your event and thank you to everyone who came to our stall at say hi and purchase some products.  We'll definitely be back next year! 😁 

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