How To Use the Magic Lash Pen to get the Perfect Lashes Every Time

No false advertising here, our Magic Lash Pen really is magic! 
We've done a quick little tutorial on how it works so you can get your lashes right every time! 

No more getting frustrated with lash glue and taking forever to apply lashes, the Magic Lash Pen is a game-changer 
Pair it with your favorite lashes, we have a whole bunch of stunning lashes for you to experiment with. 

Our Magic Lash Pen is designed to work perfectly with our lashes so have a look at our collection below:
Check out the video below by our dear friend Black Widow Creative showing off just how easy it is! 
She's displayed how to do it on her hand to give you a better look at how it all works. 
Apply the Magic Lash Pen like you would an Eyeliner, on your lash line. Our Magic Lash Pen is black so it will suit your look, no matter what it is! 
For best results is smart to use a tool such as a lash applicator. It makes things less fiddly than using your hands and getting them messy. 
We have our own lash applicator that you can use as well:

Just remember to wait around 30 seconds for the pen to do its magic and you'll be ready to apply! 
If made it to the end thank you for checkout out our tutorial on how to use the Magic Lash Pen! 
You can get yours at the link below:
Its pretty simple but if you have any questions please feel free to email or DM us

Lots of Lust,
Deadly Sins Cosmetics