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7 Deadly Makeup Sins You Need to Stop Committing Right Now

7 Deadly Makeup Sins You Need to Stop Committing Right Now

Makeup is an art form that allows us to express ourselves, experiment with different looks, and boost our confidence. However, there are some makeup mistakes that we all make from time to time, and these can be detrimental to our overall appearance. In this blog post, we'll be discussing the 7 deadly makeup sins you need to stop committing right now, in order to enhance your beauty game and achieve a flawless look.

1. Not Moisturizing Your Skin

The first step to a flawless makeup look is to moisturize your skin. Skipping this step can lead to dry and patchy skin, which can make your makeup look uneven and unappealing. Choose a moisturizer that works well with your skin type, and apply it before you start applying your makeup.

Don't forget to moisturize your skinPhoto by Alexandra Tran

2. Using the Wrong Foundation Shade

Using the wrong foundation shade is a common mistake that can ruin your entire makeup look. A shade that is too light or too dark can make you look washed out or unnatural. To avoid this, always swatch the foundation on your neck and jawline to find the perfect match.

3. Overplucking Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a crucial part of your makeup look, and overplucking them can leave them looking thin and unnatural. Instead of using tweezers to shape your eyebrows, try using a brow pencil to fill in any gaps and create a natural-looking arch.

Photo by Ali Shoaee 

4. Skipping Eye Primer

Eyeshadow can crease and smudge throughout the day if you don't use an eye primer. This can lead to a messy and unprofessional look. A good eye primer will keep your eyeshadow in place and make it look more vibrant and long-lasting.

5. Not Blending Your Makeup

Harsh lines and visible makeup edges can ruin your entire look. Always remember to blend your makeup, especially your eyeshadow and contour, to create a seamless finish.

6. Using the Wrong Lip Liner

Using a lip liner that is too dark or too light can make your lips look disproportionate and awkward. Choose a lip liner that is similar in shade to your lipstick or natural lip color, and use it to define your lips and prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

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7. Applying Too Much Makeup

Applying too much makeup can make you look overdone and fake. Instead of piling on layers of foundation, concealer, and powder, focus on enhancing your natural features with a light and natural makeup application.

In conclusion, these are the 7 deadly makeup sins that you need to stop committing right now. By avoiding these common mistakes, you'll be able to enhance your natural beauty and achieve a flawless makeup look. Remember to always take your time when applying your makeup, and never be afraid to experiment with new products and techniques. Happy beautifying!